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About UrbanPlace

Wonder what we do? Who we are? Read on.
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Who we are?

UrbanPlace is a real estate marketplace. We're a small team of real estate experts in Mumbai, committed to improve experience of doing a real estate transaction.

We leverage our real estate expertise and proprietary technology to assist you throughout the journey to find and settle down in your Happy Home!!

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Why Real Estate?

Real estate is expensive! We understand that money doesn't come easy & you work damn hard for it.

Buying or selling a home is likely the biggest financial decision one makes. We believe that working with the right professional can make a huge difference and our goal is to give you access to all the information about best real estate professionals to work with.

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How are we different?

We take quality, transparency and trust very seriously and we give our 100% to ensure your have all the information to make rational decision.

We provide an unique UrbanPlace Experince by using technology at every step of the transaction and personalized service at your door step.

screen showing list of few real estate professionals along with their recommendations.

Culture & Values.

We believe in openess, respecting each other and being transparent. Whether you are a customer, an employee or a vendor partner, we treat you with the same values.

If you are interested in joining hands, drop us an email at hello@urbanplace.in.

Our Team, Your Advantage!

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