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What is Real Estate Marketplace?

A one stop solution for buyers & sellers to find the real estate pros
UrbanPlace Real Estate Pro Network.

We believe the process of buying/selling a home shouldn't undermine the excitement of home ownership. To ensure our customers have a great experience, we help our customers find and hire experienced, local & relevant real estate professionals like YOU for managing all aspects of their real estate needs.

Save your Time & Money!

Meet new customers on UrbanPlace, offer quality services and crack more deals!

Why work with UrbanPlace?

We are your technology & marketing partner

UrbanPlace Profile

Create a strong web presence for you and your business. Your profile pages are easily searchable, attractive, informative and up-to-date.

Free Technology

You get access to all the tools and technology our team builds for making real estate process easy & automated. Yes, for FREE!!

Quality Leads

Based on your transaction history, experience and expertise, UrbanPlace will share relevant and quality leads with you.

Property Listings

Create unlimited direct property listings on UrbanPlace and its partner sites.

UrbanPlace Verified

Get verified by going through a well-defined verification process. It is the best way to stand out in the crowded market.

Recommendations & Feedback

More recommendation means higher chances of you being hired by a potential customer.

Establish your brand with a personalized profile!

Make yourself stand out from the rest by sharing what you are best at and how you can help!