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How does UrbanPlace work?

The secret sauce for making real estate - customer friendly.
screen with options to select type of real estate need like buying selling property, interior design, legal service, home loan or home insurence.

We engage UrbanPlace Pros for your needs

  • Provide us a summary of what kind of help you need.

  • We engage the best UrbanPlace Pros who can satisfy your needs.

  • Your contact details are never revealed so that you can live spam free.

screen showing list of few real estate professionals along with their recommendations.

Interact & Coordinate with Pros

  • 2-3 UrbanPlace Pros start working on your requirements.

  • We send you their profile information.

  • Pros send you relevant information via UrbanPlace platform.

Image showing final text chat between customer and professional about finalizing a deal.

Hire the best. Get the work done!

  • Once you decide who you want to work with, you interact & meet with with them as often as required.

  • When you decide to close the deal, let UrbanPlace know to finalize it.

  • Recommend & provide feedback to the Pros that worked with you. It gives your good karma.

How Can we help?

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