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How to win more business?

Few simple steps and you are well on your way to adding new customers.

 Create UrbanPlace Profile

Your UrbanPlace profile is the customer's first impression of you. Make it a good one! Write clear and professional message on your profile and highlight your experience and expertise. Be very specific about your specialties and areas you serve. This makes it easy for a customer to choose you.

 Get Recommendations

Professionals with positive reviews get more business than the ones with no reviews. Take the time to ask your present and past customers to write reviews. Nobody is perfect, so dont worry about the critics. In fact, research has shown that reviews that are not 100% positive are more credible.

 Highlight Your Experience

Best way to highlight your expertise is to showcase your past deals on your profile. Your transaction history also helps UrbanPlace technology to connect you with customers who has relevant needs.

 Leverage UrbanPlace Platform

UrbanPlace is your technology and marketing partner. We market your properties and services on various channels and bring quality leads to your doorstep. Our technology keeps your customers engaged throughout the process with minimum efforts on your end.

 Keep Going!

The secret sauce to be successful is to be persistent and experiment to see what works. Even if it takes longer than you expected to get your first lead from the platform, give your best at all the times. Our success lies in your success. So be assured that our team is working round the clock to make that happen.

Join us to grow your business!