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About Kamdhenu Realities

Kamdhenu Group is one of the renowned real estate groups and was founded in 1955 under Mr. Anantram Sabhlok. Since its glorious 30 years, the developer has been introducing commercial edifices and great quality living to the residents. Each project of them is nurtured and special and is built and developed with proper care. They have strong desire to diversify and grow with new challenges to get the best as always. Each of their projects is well designed with high end specifications and you can have everything you desire with these projects. They are known to deliver world-class amenities, better lifestyle and vibrant edifices in all of their projects

The main vision of Kamdhenu Group is to speak with the higher level of commitment and to fulfill all of their promises. They decide a master-plan to take every single action and they are on their way with the path of glory. They are always here deliver luxurious projects ahead of time. They are among the leaders in the market engaged in shaping their landmarks in Navi Mumbai. They are esteemed to keep their core principles at the top priority and moral high to deliver the best quality projects every time.

Managing Director, Surinder A Sabhlok is the guiding person in Kamdhenu Realties and he always came out as a torch-bearer for the company. They have been diversified with infrastructure projects under his profound leadership. This is why the company has been pioneering in hospitality and residential development. All of their projects have been approved by CIDCO. The company has been established as a force that can be reckoned. Mrs. Ridhima Bilochpura is another leader who has utilized her sharp sense to deliver the impetus the company desired to get into the next level.

The director of the company Mr. Karan S Sabhlok is the youngest ever member of the BANM (Builders Association of Navi Mumbai). He has finished his Masters in International Business in London from Brunel University. It is his fast learning attitude and acute corporate acumen that led the company a fastest-growing real estate leader. Currently, he heads marketing and production.

Philosophy of Kamdhenu Realities


We have the courage to speak loudly with a great level of commitment in whatever we do. Every single action of ours decides a roadmap towards our goal and guides us towards the path of glory.


We always believe in delivering services/products well ahead of time and space. Today we are one of the market leaders shaping landmarks in and around Navi Mumbai. We always keep our core values at the highest level and moral high thereby ensuring that whatever we deliver is of high quality each time and every time.