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About Konnark Builders

about_side Amidst the ever-evolving topography of Navi Mumbai – brimming with the promise of opportunity, housing thousands of dreams and running on the unyielding will to succeed, we too had a dream. A dream to build a space where thoughts had the time to evolve and ideas had the room to grow. A space that provided a refuge from the chaotic hustle bustle of the world outside, a peaceful cocoon to call our own. A space that fed our hearts, satisfied our souls and freed our minds for them to soar.

It was from this dream that Konnark was born – to make our dream a reality and make that reality yours.

Our journey began 25 years ago with a single idea. A single idea and the people who committed themselves to building on that idea bit by bit, determined to create environments where growth, creativity and ambition can thrive. The aim has always been to provide spaces where lives and dreams could be built in perfect harmony. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature’s creations, creativity will always have a muse, stress will always have an escape and happiness will always have a home.

Built on this very foundation, our residential and commercial complexes have been envisioned to bring a touch of tranquility into your lives.