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About Neelam Realtors

Neelam Realtors is an eminent company that has a prominent and prolific history since 1990. With professionalism, dedication and hard work the company’s employees and officials have carved for themselves a unique niche which offers them and their landmarks success, recognition and trust. Neelam Realtors is a versatile company that has catered quality and luxurious residencies to a vast range of social stratum. Most of the company’s projects are luxuriant residencies that have produced many elated home owners; however, this company has also developed the slum areas to provide quality residencies to all the residents of the city.

Philosophy of Neelam Realtors


To constantly be the premier real estate company in India by developing, owning, operating and financing superior developments in each of our market segments.

To further enhance our name and legacy by creating and maximizing assets for all our customers, partners and employees.

To be at the forefront of new, innovative and evolving technologies and ideas in the construction and development field.

The Philosophy

We believe and are committed to the highest standards of excellence and invariably strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and employees.

We believe in staying humble and work hard towards earning the respect of each of our stakeholders in every interaction and transactions.

Milestones of Neelam Realtors

We are only as good as our last Landmark. A look at our achievements.

We believe in our employees as our greatest asset and offer them a dynamic and challenging employment opportunity to help them grow and realize their professional ambitions.