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Projects by Dedhia Group

Dedhai Elita
RERA Registered
59.85 L to 1.12 Cr
496 - 907 Sq.Ft
1/2/3 BHK

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MahaRERA Registration Number: A51900004952

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About Dedhia Group

Dedhia Group Founded in 1984 by Shri Nemchand K. Dedhia and Shri Damji K. Dedhia, the company has grown from strength to strength. Now, with his background in Engineering and Architecture, Shri Jesal D. Dedhia also shoulders the responsibility to take the Group to new heights.

Dedhia Group, in the past three decades has completed over 20 lakhs Square Feet of Real Estate Projects. All this, with an unblemished record of completing within the stipulated time and quality beyond comparison.

Over the years, Dedhia Group has been able to gather a group of likeminded Professionals, each a master in their field. From Architects and Structural Consultants, to Legal and Accounts Professionals to dedicated Associates and Staff, each component fits perfectly to give a dynamic whole.

Dedhia Group in a bid to provide the Metro Dweller with Quality Housing within smart budgets has been undertaking various Projects throughout Mumbai.

Excellent planning, outstanding facades… superior fittings and flawless finishes - makes each Project at Dedhia Group a Landmark.

Why Redevelopment ??

With the existing scenario of space crunch, scarcity of land and congestion already on its peak – Mumbai needs to Grow Taller!

Besides, there are thousands of buildings which are in bad shape and dilapidated due to their age, atmospheric wear and tear and other reasons. They have reached a stage where it is not possible to carry out structural repairs and rehabilitation as the same are not economically viable and may not be guaranteed for more extended service life of the buildings.

Redevelopment of such old buildings has become a necessity since many buildings collapse each year, killing or injuring many people. The other reason being the requirement of an extra space by the Society members is due to increase in family members. The Government has allowed incentive FSI for carrying out redevelopment schemes in the city as well as in suburbs.


The redevelopment of any property offers better facilities, privileges and amenities provided by developers with facility to live in same location.

With the understanding of all this, and the track record of proven stability, unwavering commitment and a solid financial base, Dedhia Group vows to change the skyline of Mumbai.