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About Rajesh Lifespaces

At Rajesh LifeSpaces, they understand that residential properties in Mumbai are increasingly affected by the dynamism of the lifestyle that surrounds us. It is this understanding that inspires them to create spaces which nurture, shape and celebrate life. Be it ready to move-in spaces or under construction properties in Mumbai, you will find them there for your needs. With their rich legacy they craft spaces for tomorrow.

Rajesh LifeSpaces celebrates both – their legacy and their ability to create budget homes and future-ready apartments in Mumbai. It echoes their legacy that rises from decades of experience, crafted by timeless principles, driven by future, led by integrity, accentuated by the way they honour their commitments and complemented by their adherence to the business ethics. It establishes their diversity to craft affordable housing and luxury apartments completed over 8 million sq.ft. Along with an additional 13.5 million sq.ft of ongoing and 16.2 million sq.ft of upcoming projects in the western and the central suburbs of Mumbai. This has enabled them to establish their supremacy amongst the real estate developers in Mumbai.

When it is about looking for commercial properties or apartments in Mumbai, you have a plethora of options from a real estate development company of their repute. They have built elegant residential complexes across Mumbai, and quality commercial properties being located in Bhandup and Vikhroli. They have forayed into retail spaces and will be soon designing a 5-star hotel & a dream resort too. With such a numerous offerings, you are sure to find the home, office or retail space you would love to move in to.

Philosophy of Rajesh Lifespaces

Crafting spaces. Creating legacies.
It is in fact, a summation of all that they stand for and more.
It speaks about the pride they take in crafting spaces, and underlines what makes these spaces so extraordinary. An omnipresent process that remains invisible yet makes its presence felt in the foundation, the cornerstones and the address of each of their creations.

Crafted by principles that have stood the test of time. Led by a spirit of integrity. Accentuated by the way we honour our commitments to quality, time and detailing. Complemented by our business ethics. Powered by our future thinking.

This is the value system that makes each of their creations fiercely loyal to their core underlining principle – to stand the test of time and become a legacy of the future.

Milestones of Rajesh Lifespaces

Completed over 100 projects