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About Rustomjee Group


Behind the creation of every landmark building is a vision that challenges the conventional notions of architecture, design, materials and thinking. Often, these structures shape more than just the environments and lifestyles of the people living in them; they shape the future blueprints of entire cities. At Rustomjee, it is their constant endeavour to transform the city with every building of ours. When they incorporate playgrounds and swimming pools into our designs, it’s not just to offer our customer better amenities, but to offer their children better childhoods. When Rustomjee push theirselves to find innovative solutions, it is not so much to save costs, as it is to save our environment.

As a developer, Rustomjee has always believed that form follows function. This is evident in every aspect of our design and the way they plan homes. Rustomjee also lays special emphasis on the quality of its homes and expects everyone in the team to follow the rule of 'Better, not cheaper'. Rustomjee Group realise that buying of a home is more than just a transaction; it is the realisation of an important dream. Which is why, customer-centricity is the very essence of their brand DNA and the many satisfied customers they’ve had bear testimony to this fact.

Rustomjee also believes in giving back to the society within which we function and our education initiatives are one of many steps we’ve taken in this direction. By identifying potential, giving everyone equal opportunity and nurturing talent, Rustomjee is helping create the next generation of leaders. Since they set out on this journey, they have transformed 10 million square feet of the city into premium townships, corporate parks, retail spaces and over 8,500 homes. In the last five years alone, they’ve delivered 8 million square feet of construction area, with a special focus on the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

As they move forward, Rustomjee hopes to go from strength to strength, and aim to add another 13 million square feet to our portfolio in the next five years. Ambitious as this goal may be, Rustomjee knows that with customers and partners by their side, this dream too will soon be a reality.

Philosophy of Rustomjee Group


We will strive to be a performance leader in every dimension of our business. We will never substitute price for quality. Our operating philosophy is teamwork with our customers. Our unchanged goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will manage our business for long term success so we can help you realize your dream of a comfortable future, 'your home'.


Our vision is to continuously add value to the lives of our customers, business associates and stakeholders while also giving back to society what we've gained from it.


Accountability | Commitment to delivery schedules | Team work | Customer centricity | Transparency and long term partnership with stakeholders | Innovations in design, systems and class processes. | Superior quality minus price induced compromise

Design Philosophy

Form follows function in the design of all Rustomjee properties. Rustomjee believes that for the design of any building to be successful, it needs to go from being an independent structure to being an extension of its environment. And perhaps the only way to achieve this is by preceding design with thought.

Which is why, across all Rustomjee projects, you'll find one thing in common- the attempt to create better living spaces that help people spend quality time with their families. With amenities that cater to everyone, from children to the elderly, and stringent safety and security measures, these spaces are designed to be havens of comfort that people love returning to.

Rustomjee homes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of 21st century lifestyles and incorporate futuristic technologies with classic design sensibilities. But most importantly, they remain sensitive to the needs of the environment, which is just another extension of the signature thoughtfulness of Rustomjee.

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